10 Dirty References You Likely Missed in These Disney Classics

Because apparently, our childhood wasn't as innocent as it seemed.

Ariela Abir
Created by Ariela Abir
On Sep 2, 2023
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Can you count the number of times you've watched Mufasa die in The Lion King or Aladdin and Jasmine singing A Whole New World? neither do us. But there are a few details that managed to stay out of sight during binge watching Disney movies as kids. Here are some of the sex insinuations in our favorite childhood films.


The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid seems like a pure movie about a girl that just wants to be part of our world, right? well, If you'll look closely at Ariel and Eric's wedding scene, you might notice someone is extremely happy to see Ariel, and it's not necessarily Eric, though Disney claim that the priest's bump is actually his knee.

Answer without rewatching the clip

Does the priest wear glasses in this scene?


The Lion King

So what do we have here? A prince that is destined for greatness, who loses his father, his kingdom and himself, just to get everything back (plus the girl) in the end. At first, The Lion King's poster seems powerful and intense. But when you notice the almost naked lady in the picture, well, you just can't take Mufasa seriously anymore.

Which of these characters is played by the same actor in the animated and live action versions of the movie?


Toy Story

The day we entered Andy's room for the first time was a very special day for all of us. Toy Story made us question whether our beloved toys could speak or not. But is there a chance that we pondered about the wrong thing? Remember all the times Buzz Lightyear got excited? perhaps a bit too excited, if you ask us.

What toy is Buzz Lightyear?


The Little Mermaid

If the first evidence we presented to you from The Little Mermaid didn't convince you, don't worry about it, we got you covered. Most of us saw the poster of the movie at least once, but did anyone actually look at anything other than Ariel or Eric? If you look closely, you can see there's clearly a phalic shaped tower hiding in Poseidon's castle.

Answer without looking at the photo

How many seahorses are in the poster?



We feel like this picture from Hercules speaks for itself. But if you need us to spell it out for you, let's just say that when we sat down to watch Hercules as adults, we expected seeing cool animation, funny quotes and one of our favorite sidekicks, Pegasus. What we didn't expect to see is a private body part located on someone's forehead.

When was Hercules released?



One would think that Bambi is one of Disney's most innocent movies, but one might be wrong. Although Bambi and his friends are as innocent as it gets, you can still find sexual references if you look hard enough. Remember the sweet skunk, Flower, who had no idea what a kiss from a girl-skunk could do to a boy-skunk?

What's the name of the female fawn in the movie?


The Lion King

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the moment when Simba, Timon and Pumbaa are looking at the stars is as memorable as it gets. But what about when Simba leaves, drops to the ground the ground, and the flowers he scatters make the shape of the word "sex"? Disney insists the word they were alluding to is SFX - the name of their special effects department, but you'll be the judge of that.

Who thought the stars in the sky are fireflies?



Have room for some more movie posters? check out this one, from Tangled. apparently Rapunzel's hair can do much more than just help clean the house and miraculously save people from death. It's also a great way to transfer some subliminal messages. It's not as easy to see, but it looks like Rapunzel's hair in the movie poster spells the word, you guessed it, "sex".

What's the name of Rapunzel's pet camelion?



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Good old Frozen might have given us some wonderful pop culture references, and beautiful songs, but it doesn't lack of inappropriate comments, and we're not talking about "Some people are worth melting for", Olaf's best line in the movie. when Kristoff and Anna talked about how well she knows Hans, they taught us a huge life lesson: The foot size doesn't matter.

How many brothers does Hans have?


The Rescuers

With this one Disney definitely can't argue. While young viewers enjoyed the adventures of Bianca and Bernard, the 1977 movie featured a naked lady in a window, in the background on one of its scenes. Later on Disney decided to recall the risky background, and it was already gone when the film was released on video 20 years later.

What's the name of the orphan girl in the movie?


Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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Who doesn't love the genie from Aladdin? He's funny, has a huge heart and can grant you any wish you'd like. Oh, and he also has some dirty jokes up his sleeve. In the 1996 movie, our beloved genie says that he "thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon", during Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves is the __ Aladdin movie


Toy Story

While Toy Story made us appreciate our toys even more than we did before it came into our lives, it wasn’t immune from sexual implications. Remember the toy called Legs, who was comprised of a pair of Barbie legs and a fishing rod? apparently that's how hookers look in the toy world.

Who is this?


Toy Story 3

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If we're already in the business of toys, did you forget that Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear removed Mrs Potato Head’s lips from her body to stop her from talking, only for Mr Potato Head to yell, "Hey, nobody takes my wife’s mouth except me"? That sounds a lot like an oral sex insinuation if you ask us.

What does Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear smell like?



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Young audience might not even recognize this reference, but it still very much a sexual one. When our favorite race car, Lightning McQueen, meets two of his fans, twins Mia and Tia, he gets ‘flashed’ by them, literally. Let's just say he didn't suffer.

When was the last Cars movie released?



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We saved the creepiest one for last. While Aladdin might be one of the best Disney crushes of our time, there's a slight chance we gave him a little more credit than he deserves. Is it possible that at one of the most iconic moments of the movie, Aladdin tried to convince teenagers to take off their clothes? listen and decide for yourself.

What's the name of Jasmine's tiger?

Which reference surprised you the most?

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