11 Quarantine Tips From People Who Have Been Working From Home Most Of Their Lives

Right now millions of people have been required to start working from their home offices due to the coronavirus. If you find yourself suddenly working from home, this advice is for YOU!

Anna Claro
Created by Anna Claro
On Mar 26, 2020

Set up a special work space.

Working from your bed sounds like a good idea in theory, but you'll find that after a few days, the line between work and leisure will be seriously blurred. Setting up a workspace that is completely separate to where you sleep, watch TV and read will help your mind seperate work and relaxation.


Give yourself a reason to shower and do your hair.

Whether it's to buy cat litter, take the dog for a walk or meet up with a friend. You must give yourself a reason to shower, put on make up, get dressed and do your hair. It will help you feel like a civilized member of society!


Sit up straight when you work.

Hunching over your computer for hours on end is a reality of working from home so make sure you are either wearing a posture brace or are sitting in a chair that is actually comfortable!


Schedule daily video calls with your friends.

If you are legally under quarantine and can't leave your house make sur you schedule at least one video call per day. We live in a time where we can be in front of our favorite friends or family members in a second. Take advantage and avoid getting sucked into the black hole of solitude.


Turn on a fan to block out distracting noises.

If you live on a busy street or have roommates/kids then you might want to consider a white noise machine or a fan. It will help to create a quiet, distraction-free environment.


Take regular breaks to walk around.

If you feel like you've been sitting down too long, take a break and walk around the house or around the block! It's important for your overall health.


Listen to some tunes or a podcast if you're just inputting data.

If the job you're doing is relatively mindless, switch on your favorite podcast or music. You'd be surprised how much a rockin' tune can boost your productivity and mood.


Set up outdoor dates with your friends.

Since restaurants or bars are out of the question, plan to meet with your friend (at a safe distance) in a park, on the steps of a church or library. Any outdoor spot will do.


Shut down your social media for the day.

Social media can be hugely distracting. Promise yourself that you will not look at Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat...TikTok or Reddit until you are all done your work.


Save all non-work related activities for the end of the day.

Any work-related activities like baking cookies, doing laundry, scrubbing the sink, should be saved for the end of the work day (if they can wait).


Write down a to-do list the night before so you're ready for the next work day.

At-home workers live for the to-do list. Every night, write down in point form what you are going to complete the next day as well as any other non-work related tasks. This will help you stay on task and not fall behind on projects just because you're not at the office.