10 Signs He's Going To Break Up With You By The End Of The Week

Sometimes a breakup can come out of nowhere...but most of the time there are warning signs, we just need to learn to pick up on them. Here are 10 signs that your BF is gonna dump you like, really soon.

Anna Claro
Created by Anna Claro
On Jul 12, 2017

He's encouraging you to be independent

Is he excited when you bring up that 3 week yoga retreat you've been thinking about going to in Hawaii? Is he saying things like "you should do whatever you want, be your best self!" or "achieve your dreams, you're worth it!". While it might sound nice at first...it also gives you the feeling he's trying to get rid of you...


You're having way less sex than you used to

It's already super weird that any guy would turn down sex, but they tend to do it when they're either thinking of sleeping with someone else or have already cheated. He's not trying to be a gentleman, he just can't take the guilt of having sex with two women at once. So watch out when he gets distant, it could mean that he's dropping you for another chick.


He's hanging out with his buddies more than you

If he's starting to choose his buds over you, then yeah...there might be a breakup on the horizon. If he seems to be filling his calendar with social events that don't include you, then he might be thinking about cutting you out completely. Beware!


You have this feeling in your gut it's going to happen

Women have crazy intuition, so use it! If you get a "feeling" that things aren't ok...then they're not. Couples have fights all the time and that's totally expected, however; if you sense a darker energy coming from him with no reason to back it up — it could be that you're picking up on his future plans to breakup with you. Take these nudges very seriously.


He's suddenly out of money

When a guy likes you, he's going to invest in you. Money is a lot like sex in relationships and when things start to get weird between you two, he might start to hoard his cash to save for his own independent life. This is especially true if you guys live together. He's building a fund for when he moves out and doesn't want to waste it on a relationship that he knows is going to end soon anyway.


He's annoyed over things you say

All you did was ask him what kind of dipping sauce he wanted for his pizza crust and for some reason it drove him to notice all the annoying things about you. He's been a little impatient with you lately and you can tell just by the way he looks at you that he's getting fed up with your presence.


He's taking longer than usual to reply to your texts

He used to reply to you within the hour but now he might even go 24 before sending a text. His communication is being spread thin, you don't hear from his as often and when you reach out — he acts like a guy who's ghosting you. What's going on!? Oh yeah...he's gonna break up with you soon.


He's giving you vague answers

When you ask him questions about his day or what he's been up to, his answers are short and lack detail. Maybe he's hiding the fact that he's cheating or maybe he can't focus because the only thing he can think about is when he's going to drop the bomb on you. Damn.


He "needs" alone time

He never used to need to be left alone, but nowadays he requests it often. He cuts your time together short just because he needs to "refresh" or needs some time to just "chill out on his own". Every time he looks at you reminds him how the relationship is going to end soon, so he'd rather zone out than spend time with the person who reminds him of his failure as a boyfriend.


The spark has died

Your make out sessions used to be filled with passion and energy, but now your kisses leave you feeling dead inside. The flame between you has simmered out and hey, it happens. It can be felt on both sides and it's a little sad. Pay close attention to this...it's a sure sign that the end is near.