10 Insane Theories About 5G and Coronavirus That Are Circling Reddit Right Now

Have you heard the rumors that the installation of 5G towers in China was responsible for creating the Coronavirus? There are a lot more theories where that one came from!

Anna Claro
Created by Anna Claro
On Aug 9, 2020

You may have heard people talk about 5G and Coronavirus over the past few months. It's based on the idea that 5G, which is the next step up from 4G internet (basically a more powerful, faster internet connection) is causing our blood cells to mutate and to be more prone to contracting the Coronavirus. This conspiracy has caused 5G towers all over the world to be vandalized and even pulled to the ground! Take a look at some of the most insane theories surrounding 5G and Covid-19.


An electrician saw a logo that said "cov-19" when he was installing a new 5G box

funfortwo0130 says: earlier today, in one of my FB groups, one of the members posted a video of a guy installing or updating a network to 5G through a box. He opened it and showed on video that the box has a logo marked cov-19. He said he didn't want to believe it himself but what are the odds it had that label?


The covid-19 vaccine will have a microchip in it that gets activated by the 5G signal

leducdeguise says: Here's another conspiracy I've read about this morning - "they" are creating a covid-19 vaccine that will have a microchip in it; conveniently, the chip is activated by 5G signal. "They" will inject billions of people with the vaccine and will be able to track everyone with the chips.


5G makes your blood more susceptible to the virus

divorceisgreat says: Apparently 5G bounces your blood so it has more oxygen in it, which is somehow translates into lung issues.


5G can be used to control crowds

GeneralDisorder says: The conspiracies I've heard about 5G are that a government controlled 5G network would mean the government has an instant system of crowd control mounted on every utility pole in the country. They can press a button and disperse a crowd anywhere on earth. That said, each 5G access point would have to come equipped with drastically overpowered directional antennas to focus a very different radio wave at the crowds to get them to disperse.


5G towers emit dangerous radiation

YaBoiJim777 says: I’ve heard that working on or living right next to a 5G tower is dangerous because of the high intensity of radiation.


Huawei, the maker of 5G has put data collecting devices in their electronics

abc-123-456 says: Huawei was busted implanting a tiny data collection device on everything it shipped. This is embedded in lots of electronics globally already. They are spying on everyone.


5G waves can cause cancer

Typequeen00 says: There were a bunch of firefighters who got brain cancer after installing 5G to a building, most likely because they also sleep there.


5G is one step towards a surveillance state

urufaroos says: 5G is distributed mainly by HUAWEI. The tech comes from China. They will use it for mass surveillance, it's not just faster speeds so you can watch Crapflix on your phone. Some 5G towers are camouflaged as trees and cactuses and palm trees. There have been no studies about the safety of 5G at all. The whole conspiracy is a big distraction of what's really going on. They don't want people talking about 5G at all and what its main purpose will be. Just another step to the total surveillance state.


Covid-19 was created so they can put up 5G towers

palmkill4 says: The only connection that I see, between corona and 5G is that corona caused a lockdown, and now 5G can be build everywhere without protest.


It's a part of a plan for world domination by the Reptilian aliens

seemateem says: Now, Reptilians is something way more out of the MSM headlines and way harder to believe, but there is evidence that supports the theory and it is not debunkable.

Which one of these theories do you believe?

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