Our Top 11 Gods From "American Gods"

Bringing mythologies from around the world to life, American Gods has its fair share of memorable and strange characters! From Jesus to Easter to Media, we've been introduced to a crazy cast of dieties that only seems to be growing. So let's see who's who so far! Meet our eleven favorite gods from Season 1. Warning: Season One spoilers. (Just a few). (Obviously).

Amelia Earhart
Created by Amelia Earhart
On Jul 12, 2017

Technical Boy

The new whiz kid on the god block, Technical Boy is basically the Internet personified (yikes), and he doesn't exactly rep the best parts. As the god of technology, Technical Boy is rash, overreacts, and even employs a mob. We haven't gotten to see much depth from his character so far, but he makes the list for his bizarre hair and making us confront the ugliness of the web.



Not just here because we love Kristen Chenoweth (and boy do we love her), Easter has a surprisingly practical and pragmatic attitude that you wouldn't expect under all of those frills. Powerful and angered by the new gods that keep cropping up for humans to worship, Easter's a goddess that we can't wait to see more of in Season Two.


Mr. Jaquel/Anubis

Anubis is the god of the afterlife in Egyptian mythology, and we love the scenes where he gets to weigh the hearts of those moving on to the afterlife. He's attentive and careful, and we can't wait to see more of him next season and hope he becomes a bigger player.



Bilquis catches your attention straight away. It might be something to do with the whole absorbing her worshipers in the middle of sex with her coochie that does it. Creepy as hell but super beautiful, Bilquis is a goddess that we're pumped to see in Season Two, and we can't help but wonder what her full role in the war will be.



Mr. Ibis is Thoth, an Egyptian god. Thoth acts as a scribe in the underworld who keeps accounts of the lives of the dead, and he records the outcome of the weighings of the heart against the feather of truth. Mr. Ibis runs Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor with Anubis. We love how much he loves zombies, and the enthusiasm he has for treating Laura.


Compé Anansi

Mr. Nancy is Anansi, one of the Old Gods from West African mythos. He's a spidery trickster god who knows how to dress well. We haven't seen too much of him yet, but his speech that inspired a slave uprising was totally captivating. We can't wait to see the trickster in action in Season Two.


Mr. World

We don't have many details about Mr. World, we do know that he's basically the CEO god. He talks about things like globalization and synergy, which immediately throws us into a corporate jargon panic. He's basically capitalism personified, and he gets points for his actor being the dad from Back to the Future.



He's a Slavic god wielding a giant hammer and slaughtering both cows and people, Czernobog is on this list for sheer spookiness. But he also is pretty interesting because he doesn't really know if he's wicked or not. He kills, but he always tries to make it mercifully quick. Whether he's good or bad, we do know he's pretty BA.



Media is one of our favorite gods from the show. Not only is she played by the super gorgeous and talented Gillian Anderson, but she takes over the forms of different media sensations. Super stylish and very, very dangerous, Media has appeared as Lucille Ball and Judie Garland. Her David Bowie look is A++, and we can't wait to see which looks and which vicious punishments media dishes out in Season Two.


The Zorya Sisters

The three Zorya sisters live with their relative, the often bloody Czernobog. They're OG gods from Slavic mythology and represent the Morning, Midnight, and Evening stars. We love how hard Zorya Vechernyaya (the Evening star) goes at that bottle and doesn't pander to Mr. Wednesday's crap, and we're always up for some Maiden-Mother-Crone symbolism.


Mr. Wednesday

Revealed to be the Norse god Odin, Mr. Wednesday has a classy, mysterious vibe throughout Season One, and we love Ian McShane in this role. Plotting and recruiting, Odin has seemingly endless tricks up his sleeves, not limited to his mastermind abilities and his dementia trick.

Did we leave out any gods who were your favorites? Should Jesus Prime in all of his shiny glory be on this list? Tell us who your favorite character from American Gods is in the comments below, and don't forget to share this list with other fans of this show!