Here's How To Walk In Heels Properly: According To Drag Queens

Ever wonder how the professional drag queens do it? Here's what the top queens recommend.

Abigail Morris
Created by Abigail Morris
On Jun 7, 2019
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Make sure you stretch BEFORE you put on your heels

If you know you'll be "werking" your heels for a long period, it's important that you stretch out your feet and calf muscles. Your footsies will thank you later.


Practice walking on your tippy toes to strengthen your calves.

The stronger your calves, the easier it will be to balance, especially on stiletto heels.


Ok now roll your shoulders back.

Posture is key to proper high heel strutting. Keep your shoulders back and your chest out. Nothing is more unattractive than a person in heels with a hunch back.


Keep your knees straight...ish.

Don't be one of those "velociraptors in human form". Only bend your knees when you take a step. Don't bend them to keep your balance, otherwise you will look like an animatronic dinosaur. Not a good look...


Just...stand up straight girl.

When you're walking in your heels...keep your head up and shoulders back, the rest will (hopefully) follow.


Let your hips lead you.

Don't be afraid to let your hips sway as you walk, this will keep you from "bouncing" on your heels and will make you look like you're walking on a whole...nother...level.


Repeat after me...heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe.

Make sure you let your heel touch the ground before your toe. Just like you were wearing regular shoes. You don't wanna be walking around like a baby deer now...


Utilize the Y-Step.

When you walk, Put most of your weight on the outside of your heel, then set down your toe. It's what we queens call the "Y-step".


Relax your face.

Pretend your heels aren't making your feet feel like they are literally on fire. Wink, smile and give your best face. Never been easier.

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