6 things you'll see in the "Addams Family" set

"The Addams Family" musical opens at York Little Theatre June 19. Here are six things you'll find in the elaborate set design.

Read more about the musical here: http://goo.gl/Mj3G49

Abbey Zelko
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A Gothic, decrepit-looking mausoleum, made out of wood, papier-mâché, fabric dipped in glue, mannequin torsos and Styrofoam heads. The mausoleum is about 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall.


Torture chair

A wooden torture chair, painted brown and textured to make it look old and withered. The chair includes a pulley system, so that when an actor pulls the lever, a wooden blade comes out of the seat.


Stretching machine (in the torture chamber)

A 10-foot high, 8-foot wide stretching machine found in the torture chamber. It’s an angled wooden piece, which includes a pulley system, plastic chains, a banana seat in the center and cardboard tubes for shackles.


Meat-eating plant

A meat-eating plant puppet made of fabric and stuffing, a plastic flower pot for the base, a drainage tube for the stem and plastic milk cartons for the teeth.


Monster under the bed

A monster under the bed made out of painted textured fabric, ping pong balls for the eyes and a plastic Indian necklace for the claws.


Stained glass windows

Three ornately-leaded stained-glass windows from a York County home.

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