Zen Cart or Magento – Which is a good Choice for Your eCommerce business

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On Apr 1, 2019
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Zen Cart or Magento – Which is a good Choice for Your eCommerce business

Picking the right e-commerce platform is quite a tough decision when the market is flooded with numerous options. The entire thing depends on your business’s exact needs, which can depict whether you need to pick a specific platform or not. 

When it comes to e-commerce, numerous people get baffled in making the optimum choice between Zen Cart and Magento that can enhance their trade. Here is a time-saving comparison of Zen Cart and Magento that would surely help you in choosing the optimum cart for your business. Dive in here for further details about the best cart that can bring the best returns on your investment.

The Difference Between the Two

Since both the carts offer similar kinds of features yet there are some specific features that these carts possess. Both the carts are open source and based on PHP, which is the reason they can be configured accordingly. Here is the list of things that makes these carts stand apart in the league:

·        The Popularity: When it comes to Zen Cart, it is quite popular in the market but that simply doesn’t mean that you can blindly go for it. Most of the renowned e-commerce platforms are based on Magento and there are very few in the market that still relies on Zen Cart. Magento offers great functionality, which is the reason the demand for Zen Cart is deteriorating day by day. Furthermore, Magento’s search on Google is always trending as compared to Zen Cart, which is a clear indicator that you can consider Magento for your e-commerce venture. 

·        Ease of Access: If you aren’t able to use your e-commerce platform with ease, you can’t expect the same from your users! The perfect platform is the one that saves ample time and efforts when it comes to a reliable e-trading platform. If you wish to add normal functionality in your e-commerce platform and expect decent performance, Zen Cart is the best choice. You can easily integrate this cart at your own with minimal technical knowledge. On the other hand, when you are expecting a huge platform that is intended to augment your business needs with adequate functionality, you need to rely on Magento! Magento ecommerce development isn’t that easy and you would surely need professional help for the same. It would be nice to seek help from the professionals that are always there to offer you reliable Magento services.

·        The Support: You can always trust a platform that has great support. One can get adequate help when it comes to using and initializing the cart in your online venture. When we talk about the reliable platform that offers huge community support, undeniably, Magento is the right option. One can seek help from professionals from around the world whenever there is some glitch associated with the development or integration of functionality. A lot of people thus prefer Magento due to its ease of access and reliable support from the community as well as from the official website.

·        The Appeal: It is obvious that you need to engage users from your website and for that; your website should be quite appealing! It won’t be a good idea to maintain a website that isn’t catchy enough to ensure user engagement. Zen Cart isn’t appealing enough to magnetize potential users, which is the reason you should prefer Magento. Magento, on the other hand, offers the finest user interface and user experience that you can’t expect from Zen Cart!

The above-mentioned points clearly showcase that you should prefer relying on Magento for enhanced user engagement and flexibility. 

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