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On Oct 19, 2017
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Moran Samuel wins Silver at the Worlds

What a beautiful peak to 2017 rowing season, with Israel's premier para-rower, Wonder Woman Moran Samuel, winning the silver medal at the World Championships in Sarasota. Samuel: "It's time to celebrate!". Read all about it at The Jewish Chronicle.

Credit: Detlev Seyb

No place for prejudice

When international Paralympic rowing had started, Israel was one of the 1st to dive in. Infrastructure, boats and top coaches were provided to athletes with special needs: those injured in their military service, in road accidents, and people with various medical conditions. At the World Championships in Florida, we were represented by 3 para boats – a team the size and the level of the leading rowing nations, all from the Daniel Rowing Centre. It’s a huge pride and honor, not only to those engaged hands-on, but to the Israeli society as a whole.
Yet, there's much work still to be done, and mindsets to be changed. When the Herald Tribune published the medals scores, excluding Paralympic medals from the counts, our founder, Linda Streit, could not forbear. She wrote a letter to the editor, which was duly published, making a so very important impact. 

Credit: The Herald Tribune

But Linda's endeavors at the World Championships went far and beyond. As a guest speaker at the Jewish Housing Council Federation dinner to honor the Israeli Rowing Team athletes attending the 2017 World Rowing Championships, Linda presented the FDRA's long history of advancing Israeli rowing, para-rowing, and community outreach programs, and put forth the plans and challenges ahead.
At the final day of the races, Elli and Linda Streit hosted a reception, together with the full Team Israel national rowing squad – athletes, coaches and support staff. A very successful evening indeed, with an all inspiring speech by Moran Samuel, freshly off the medals podium. We wish to thank those who made donations, and offer those who wish to join in our support to donate now

A lovely reception, which was also a birthday celebration - a very happy one to Elli Streit!

New program for parents of kids w special needs

The Sea of Friends project, which the FDRA has been supporting for over 10 years, keeps breaking new grounds, reaching out for communities in need. The latest innovation is a program designed to help parents who face challenges in bringing up children with autism and other special needs. The 1st group includes fathers only, and they have already concluded 10 days of class workshops, combined with nautical action on the waters. The feedback is awesome! 

Credit: Sea of Friends

Children rowing classes

The school year has well started, and the rowing classes for kids are at full swing.
If you have kids, grandchildren, nephews and nieces in Israel, please recommend this to them. It's an incredible athletic and social framework - and they will thank you for the rest of their lives!

Credit: Nir Keidar

Up and coming...

The Daniel Amichai Tel Aviv Open Rowing Championships will be held at the Daniel Rowing Centre on Saturday, November 4, 7-11am. The regatta commemorates the beloved Daniel, taken away from us 24 years ago, and celebrates his passion for rowing and his love of people from all walks of life. Join us on the bank of the Yarkon River to cheer the athletes!

A loving and giving nature

Credit: Carmel College

We need your help

Bettering our society, making the change, and building for the future - it costs, and requires opening of hearts for funding. We are a registered charity in Israel, and your grants can be tax deductible in Israel, USA & Canada . Please Donate.

Thank you very much for your interest and support!

From all of us at The Friends of Daniel for Rowing Association

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