Which Arthur Character Was Your Secret Childhood Crush?

Ok, this might unearth some truths but we all had a crush on an Arthur character, don't try to deny it!

Zoey Flynn
Created by Zoey Flynn
On Aug 13, 2019
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Do you believe in aliens?

What is your favorite Arthur episode?

Who is your favorite secondary Arthur character?

What is your next favorite Arthur episode?

You had a crush on...Arthur!

You had a crush on...Arthur!

You had a crush on Arthur! Arthur has his issues, sure, but he's always there to help others and he has a kind heart. When he's not in the kitchen sneaking a piece of chocolate cake...he's probably just watching tv or staying out of trouble. He's sensible, smart and predictable...maybe that's why you liked him!

You had a crush on...Buster!

You had a crush on...Buster!

Buster has wacky imagination. He believes in aliens, monsters the whole thing! He isn't the best at school but he makes up for it with his creativity and friendly personality! Buster is great!

You had a secret crush on...The Brain.

You had a secret crush on...The Brain.

Brian is the smartest of the Arthur bunch and maybe that's exactly why you liked him. He always got straight A's, maybe like you did! Brain is also very generous and gives his time and energy to a lot of different people. Plus he manages the sugar bowl so free ice cream whoop!