What Type Of Intelligence Do You Have?

According to Sternberg, there are three types of intelligence. Which type do you fall under?

Zoey Flynn
Created By Zoey Flynn
On Feb 1, 2018

Which puzzle do you prefer?

Choose a writing utensil:

What was your best subject in school?

What is your dream career?

Which innovator would you like to hang out with the most?

Which book series would you like to read?

Which female TV character do you relate to the most?

What would you rather be doing right now?

You have...Analytical Intelligence

You have...Analytical Intelligence

You can easily, take apart, dissect and build upon problems and ideas. You may even sometimes over-analyze and over think things! Think of a rubick's cube, in order to solve it, you need to understand it from all angles, which is what you do best!

You have...Creative Intelligence!

You have...Creative Intelligence!

This type of intelligence involves going above and beyond what is given to generate new and interesting ideas. You thrive on brainstorming, starting new projects and coming up with clever ways to do things. You can see easily see the what if's and possibilities.

You have...Practical Intelligence!

You have...Practical Intelligence!

This type of intelligence is super valuable because it involves staying in the present! You use what is around better than anyone else and your greatest strength is resourcefulness and connection.