Only True Geniuses Can Pass This Deduction Test

Can you out-Sherlock Sherlock? Take this quiz to find out!

Zoey Flynn
Created by Zoey Flynn
On Feb 3, 2018
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Aristotle is a philosopher. All philosophers are poor. Thus, Aristotle must be poor.

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Whenever John is here, Joe is also here. John is not here, so Tom must not be here.

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Most drug addicts are depressed people. Most depressed people are lonely. Thus, most drug addicts must be lonely.

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Nothing that is cheap is good. Thus, nothing that is good is cheap.

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If there is an earthquake, the detector will send a message. No message has been sent, thus there was no earthquake.

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James said that everyone loves Jane. Nothing that James has said is true. Thus, nobody loves Jane.

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If there is life on Mars, then Mars must contain water. If Mars has ice, it contains water. There is ice on Mars, thus there must be life on Mars.

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All roses are flowers. Some flowers fade quickly. Thus, some roses fade quickly.

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The government should either spend less or raise taxes. Raising taxes is impossible. Thus, our government should spend less.

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