Why do Some People Feel Even Worse After a Therapy Session?

There are many cases reported in individuals are going to therapists for a few sessions and still not feeling any good after the appointments. This may happen to you also as you go home from your most recent therapy appointment and feeling hell. Sometimes, you may be noticing increased anxiety or depression. You may ask yourself the question as to "whether the treatment makes it even worse?

Zoey Buza
Created By Zoey Buza
On Dec 14, 2017
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Why do people feel uncomfortable?

However, you should note that it is entirely normal to experience this at various points during the time of your therapy sessions. Even if it active, change creates a feeling of discomfort. There may be chances that you are experiencing a good thing if the uncomfortable symptoms increase. This may probably mean that you are moving outside of your false comfort zone and the treatment is working.

Many people tend to stop the therapy sessions in between with this feel of discomfort, which is the No.1 blunder you can do. In fact, you have chosen to undergo therapy to get out of your trouble, and it is not ideal when you start to get positive results. You need to think of ways to cope up with this resistance to change and come back into the track with a practical insight towards it.

How to cope up with it?

There are many smart tips you can consider to cope up with this resistance to change and go ahead.

  1. Keep a log of things: You don't have to critically analyse or be overly concerned about the situations (easily said, but I know it is a bit difficult to practice). Instead of getting too much bothered about it, only keep a note of your feelings and adverse thoughts about the therapy. Noted down what all things are the most difficult for you to manage.

  1. Indulge in self-care – Therapists and client do work on the claiming and self-care techniques at the initial phases of the course itself. You need to try those on feeling adverse about the therapy. There are many smart techniques like mindfulness, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, etc. to get over the stress. You can also think of engaging more into your favourite hobby like fishing, swimming, or reading.


  1. Know that time will pass – In response to the discomfort, simply reassure yourself that the worse feeling will pass and you will get back to your usual self. Accept the fact that you are changing with the therapy and proudly admire it.

  1. Let yourself feel it – Don't run away from the feelings of try to suppress them. Just be mindful of the feelings and let them pass. Your notes about them may be important to the therapist during the next session. Taking it this way will also help you to increase your emotion tolerance level.

With the advancement in teletherapy and internet therapy, you now have a scope to be in touch with the therapist anytime. So, if the symptoms persist or you find yourself failing to cope up with it, call your therapist or just text to get some immediate support or expert advice.