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Teumessian Fox
The Teumessian Fox was one of Echidna's many children that resides in, obviously, Teumessia. It was destined never to be caught.
The Caladrius was a white bird, usually shown as a giant dove, that can heal sick and injured people.
Laelaps was a female dog who was destined to always catch her prey. When the king of Teumessia set Laelaps on the fox, Zeus was in a pickle. A dog who always catches its prey going after a fox who never gets caught? That was hard! Who would he make win? Well, neither! He ended up turning them both to stone instead.
The Ichthyocentaur brothers were two sea gods, Aphros and Bythos. They were like centaurs with fish tails and lobster claws. They were little brothers to Triton and were the sons of Poseidon and Amphitrite.
Lamia was a beautiful Greek woman, who was going to be the next queen of Lybia. But she got turned into a man-eating Echidna-woman by Hera, and mythologists can't agree whether Hera directly made her have a serpent tail or if Hera just forced Lamia to eat her own children, causing her to transform.
The hippalectryon is half horse, as the name suggests (hippa or hippo is Latin for horse), and half bird. The bird is usually a rooster, although it can also be a vulture or eagle.
The Lampades
The Lampades, Lampad singular, were two nymphs residing in the Underworld that carried torches. If you looked at them for too long, you would go insane. The were two sisters named Gorgyra and Orphne.
Ipotanes were like satyrs, only the goat parts were horse parts.
The cerastes looks like a spineless snake with ram horns that lives in the desert. It uses its horns like bait to catch prey, who think it's food.
Phorcys was a primordial god who ruled over the oceans before Poseidon. He looked like a merman with crab claws like legs and spiky red skin. Mythologists argue over whether his mother is Tethys or Gaia and whether his father is Oceanus or Pontus. He was husband of Ceto and sired many monsters, including Echidna.
An onocentuar is like a normal centaur, but with donkey parts instead of horse parts.
The amphisbaena is a two-headed, deadly, and venomous desert snake. It feasts off of desert ants and human corpses. To move, it bites one of its heads in the other and rolls.
The Blemmyes were many humanoid monsters. They had no heads, but eyes, a nose, and a mouth on their chests. They were very violent and were man-eating and cannibalistic.

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