Insanely Difficult UK Mortgage Quiz: Do You Know Enough To Buy A House?

If you're house hunting, it's important to know your stuff about the biggest loan you'll probably ever take on! Test your knowledge with this seriously challenging quiz...

Created By YourWealthUK
On Jun 29, 2016
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What does DIP stand for?

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You are remortgaging and decide to switch from a 25-year to a 20-year term. What happens to your monthly mortgage payment?

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What does a conveyancer do?

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You apply for 2-year tracker mortgage with an initial rate of 1.19%. When might your mortgage payment amount change?

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In this scenario: what happens in January 2018, if you do nothing?

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You apply for a mortgage with a booking fee of £150 and an application fee of £349. You pull out of the transaction before completing. What has it cost you?

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What does LTV stand for?

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If you are on a lender's Standard Variable Rate (SVR), when could your monthly payments change?

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You want to fix your mortgage payments for the next 2 years. Which of these deals is your cheapest option?

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What is the original, literal meaning of the word mortgage?

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