QUIZ: How Cyber Resilient Are You?

Cyber resilience has never been more important. Cyber is the big word at the moment - with cyber hacks happening all over the world and making headlines, and cyber-criminals are threatening to cause chaos.

Do you think you are keeping yourself and your data safe online?
Do you have what it takes to protect yourself?
Are you cyber resilient?

As it is Cyber Scotland Week, why not take our 10 question quiz to find out how much you really know...

Young Scot
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QUIZ: How Cyber Resilient Are You?

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When someone asks for personal information like phone numbers or addresses online, you should...

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Someone sends you a friend request, but you don’t think you know who they are. Do you...

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TRUE or FALSE: By turning off the GPS or Location Settings on your mobile phone, this prevents any tracking of your phone’s location.

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What do we call it when someone sends a message that tries to steal your personal information by pretending to be from a trusted organisation?

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For maximum security, passwords should be made up of...

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When accessing a website, which icon can be seen in the address bar to indicate that the website is secure?

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What is the most common risk you could fall victim to, when sharing too much personal information online?

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If a public Wi-Fi network requires a password to access, is it generally safe to access your online banking?

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What does installing updates do to your device? 

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If you were a victim of Cyber-Bullying what would you do?

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