Which "House Of Cards" Character Are You In Your Agile Team?

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On Mar 29, 2017

Who is the author of this best selling book ?

This logo represents?

Which statement is "correct" from agile manifesto?

“Velocity” is a measure of

What is NOT the goal of Daily Stand Up meeting?

Which of the statements is from the agile manifesto?

Who is not among the authors of Agile Manifesto?

What does the "I" stand for in INVEST?

According to Agile Manifesto, the best way to manage team communication is

Most “agile" intelligent person

Most “agile" intelligent person

You are the most “agile" intelligent person, you could be in your mid 30s but already reached to the highest level in your carrier. Your approach to work is very straight forward yet complex, often very subjective approach to improve team’s efficiency. Due to the best knowledge of agile or scrum, you could have already sold your current startup or in path way to do soon

Secret weapon of scrum team

Secret weapon of scrum team

You are the secret weapon of scrum team. Best scrum master which most teams never had.
You magnificently recover from near-death experience of saving your project fall into the evil of waterfall, you recover yourself and scrum team to full strength, regaining all the SoS [soul of scrum]

Go Agile or Die Waterfall

Go Agile or Die Waterfall

You belong to the world of waterfall. You are an ex-CEO of a large corporate. Your retirement brings an end to the year-long vengeance on scrum methodology, in the end agile prevails