This Test Will Determine if You Are a Man or a Woman Based on Your Answers

It knew I was a man!

Yana Zakhvatova
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On May 8, 2016

It’s easier for you to remember…

In which direction does this girl rotate?

Are you left-handed or a right-handed?

Cross your legs. Which one is on top?

What color is this word?

In which direction is Mona Lisa turned?

What is the best way to put the eggs?

And what about this picture?

Is this the girl from the first question?

And her name is…

100% man

100% man

You have an analytical mind. You are a professional in dealing with complicated problems that arise at your horizon, and this is because of your well-developed ability to think logically and concentrate on important things. You’re curious and observant — a perfect combo! You like to understand the essence of things and dig deep, and only then do you draw conclusions.

100% woman

100% woman

You think outside the box; if you have a problem, you find the most non-standard way to solve it. You can think better when you’re busy with something — moving or crafting. You are able to do many things at once and keep several thoughts in your mind. You have a great memory and you’ll never miss anything. One can only envy your intuition.

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