Noob Test

You will probably end up getting Noob on the first try. And every other try. IF by any chance someone gets the "You're Winner" sign, there will be an answer explanation. So post it if you're a winner!

X Ry
Created By X Ry
On Dec 29, 2015

What is 9 + 10

Jon has 7 apples. Timmy has 7 apples. Zach also has 7 oranges. Peter has 7 apples that look like oranges.
How many apples are there?

What's black and white and red all over?

The answer you pick won't matter. This is purely opinion. Should you Never say Never?

It is snowing outside, the snow goes up to your face. Should you wear snow pants?

What is the color of the sky?

Zombies have completely eradicated humanity.
A zombie approaches you!!! what should you do???

This is the last question!
Are you a noob?



You are a silly noob.

Try harder!

You're Winner!

You're Winner!

You won bro!
Go congratulate yourself or something.

1. duh, 9+10=19. Use a calculator or something.
2. Jon has 7, Timmy has 7, Peter has 7. 7+7+7=21
3. If red is all over, you can only see the red.
4. Answer doesn't matter. But keep in mind to never say never
5. If the snow goes up to your face, you shouldn't go outside.
6. It's clear. It just looks blue or whatever to us.
7. If zombies have completely eradicated humanity, you aren't human. You are a zombie. So you don't need to do anything.
8. no, you are not a noob. Please don't say never.