What is Your Patronus Charm?

For all the Potterheads, and those who are not, have you ever wondered what yours would be? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by xPandamonium
On Mar 29, 2017

What is your favorite season?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Your friends would describe you as?

Pick a food!

What is your favorite time of day?

Favorite color?

Favorite kind of animal?

Pick a place in nature

Pick a word



You got the Hummingbird!

When we see Hummingbirds, it seems as if they are tireless, have endless energy. They are always searching for the sweetest nectar.

Just like the hummingbird, you seem to have endless energy. You are always happy and playing around. You're also one of the most loyal and affectionate people; you love your friends and family and you make sure they never forget.

It isn't very known, but hummingbird wings flap in the shape of the infinity sign, further proving their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

Hummingbird Meanings: Energy, joy, sincerity, healing, infinity, playfulness, loyalty, affection.



You got the Fox!

Like the fox, you have goals in life and are set on reaching them. You are known for your intelligence and wisdom. However, you are also cunning, using your brain to cleverly manipulate your way through life. You are a very passionate person and aren't afraid of expressing yourself.

Foxes are shapeshifters, they change with the season, so they are adaptable. No matter what life throws at you, you adapt to the change just the same way as the fox.

Fox meanings: Cunning, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness, wisdom, passion, intensity, expression, desire, focus, determination.



You got the Lion!

The lion is known as the "king of the jungle," and for a good reason! Like the lion, you are a leader, not a follower. You seem to have an air of nobility and hold yourself with dignity. You have a hard time admitting you're wrong because of your sense of pride.

But you're much more than that. You are also extremely territorial; you don't like people touching or claiming what's yours. With your courage and bravery, you can withstand even the toughest of battles. With your power of justice, you know what's right and wrong and you're not afraid to point out the flaws in any situation.

You may seem controlling to those who don't know you, but you are fiercely loyal and protective of those you love.

Lion meanings: wisdom, power, royalty, dignity, courage, justice, ferocity, authority, strength, leadership, territorial, controlling, passionate.



You got the Dolphin!

You have a heart of gold. Like the dolphin, you are one of the most gentle, loving, and generous people out there. You never fail to lend a helping hand or be someone's shoulder to cry on. Because you are so gentle and loving, you make friends easily, but it can be said that you are sometimes too trusting, which can lead to you getting hurt. Plus, you are incredibly playful, always up for some fun.

People underestimate your intelligence, but once they get to know you, they can see how smart you actually are.

All in all, you're the greatest friend someone could ever have!

Dolphin meanings: playfulness, gentleness, harmony, intelligence, contentment, friendship, community, generosity.



You got the Turtle!

You are a wise and ancient soul. You may be young, but your soul is very old. Even though you've seen a lot through the time you've been alive, and even in your past lives, you still have an air of innocence about you. You have endured through a lot, some things you don't even remember, but because of this, you are strong and stable. You will live long and prosperous because of the power, stability and strength within your being.

Turtle meanings: Power, strength, order, creation, patience, stability, longevity, innocence, endurance, protection.



You got the Rooster!

Many believe the Rooster to be all about pride, but in reality, it represents more than just pride. In fact, Roosters represent majesty and charisma. You are very charismatic and because of this, you are confident in yourself, as long as you are within comfortable territory. You don't have to be modest; instead, be proud of yourself and what you've achieved. However, be warned, too much pride is never good for anybody.

Associated with the dawn and springtime, Rooster is a sign of good health, fertility, prosperity and beginnings. He's also linked to dancing and performance arts.

You are also confident in your physical features as well as your sexual potency. You believe in polygamy (like the Rooster) but that doesn't mean you have to be serious about every relationship you enter. Get out there and explore! Romantic relations are abound when it comes to you.

Rooster meaning: Confidence, pride, sexuality, romance, popularity, physical attraction, fertility, opportunity, beginnings, good health, and prosperity.