Are You A Mod?

It seems Mods will never die. They first appeared in the 1960s, returned in the 70s and are still going strong. But does a Mod secretly hide deep in your heart? Let's find out.

Radio X
Created By Radio X
On Mar 29, 2017

How do you like to dress?

What sort of music do you like?

How do you like to spend a free weekend?

What's your ideal evening?

What's your poison?

What's your ideal way of getting about town?

What sort of social circle do you have?

Which of these people do you most identify with?

What film would you watch on a slow Sunday night?

Pick the first thing that comes into your head: WE ARE THE MODS, WE ARE THE MODS…

We can say with certainty that you are NOT a Mod.

We can say with certainty that you are NOT a Mod.

You may go back to your greasy hair and rock and roll records safe in the knowledge that there isn't a Mod inside you, trying to get out.

You are a BIT of a Mod.

You are a BIT of a Mod.

You have Mod tendencies, but you only like the clothes, if anything. You like a bit of Weller and may own a Who album, but that's as far as it goes.



You uphold the Mod lifestyle and honor. Your suits are sharp and your scooter is shiny. You take everything Paul Weller says as gospel. You only shop in the Fred Perry and Ben Sherman stores and holiday in Brighton every year.