How Well Do You Remember "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?"

You've seen the episode a thousand times, but do you actually remember it?

Xander Maxwell
Created by Xander Maxwell
On Nov 19, 2015
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Where are Charlie Brown and Sally planning on going to for Thanksgiving dinner?

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What does Lucy say is the biggest, most important Thanksgiving Day tradition of all?

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Who invites herself over to dinner?

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What kind of table do they eat their Thanksgiving feast on?

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Which of Charlie Brown's friends was NOT present at the backyard feast?

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Which of the following dishes was not served at the backyard feast?

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Who gets the bigger piece of the wishbone?

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Which two characters dress in pilgrim outfits?

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Who leads the group in a prayer?

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What kind of pie does Snoopy and Woodstock eat at the end?

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