Deer hunting is a popular sport in North America. Deer are the most frequently hunted "big game" animals. Big game animals also include antelope, bears, buffalo, elk, and moose.

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Deer Hunting Knowledge

Learn about the history of deer hunting and kinds of deer in North America.

Deer hunting is a popular sport in North America. Deer are the most frequently hunted "big game" animals. Big game animals also include antelope, bears, buffalo, elk, and moose.

History of Deer Hunting

People have hunted deer for thousands of years. American Indians relied on deer meat for food. This meat is called venison. American Indians also made clothes and shelters from deer hides. American Indians used deer bones and antlers to make decorations and tools. They even honored deer in special ceremonies. During these events, American Indians recognized the importance of deer in their lives.

Early North American settlers also depended on deer. They ate venison and made clothing from deer hides. Settlers often sold or traded venison to stores. They also traded deer hides for items. Some settlers used deer hides to pay government taxes.

Deer Hunting Today

Today, North Americans continue to hunt deer. People hunt deer for many reasons. Many hunters eat venison from the deer they kill. They make ground venison or venison steaks. Deer hunters also hunt to spend time outdoors. Hunters observe a variety of plant and animal life. Some deer hunters enjoy spending time with friends or family members as they hunt. Other hunters enjoy hunting for a trophy deer. IF you want to know more about deer hunting visit our website

A trophy deer is a male deer with very large or unusually shaped antlers. Hunters may display the mounted head of a trophy deer in their homes. Taxidermy is the process of preserving and mounting animals. For more about taxidermy,

North American Deer

All deer share some features. Deer have narrow heads, large ears, short tails, and hooves. All deer have good senses of smell and hearing. Deer are herbivores. They eat only plants. Deer eat grasses, leaves, nuts, and fruits. They also depend on farm crops such as corn and soybeans for food.

Five deer species live in North America. All animals within a species share certain physical features. North American deer species include white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and caribou.

White-Tailed and Mule Deer

White-tailed deer and mule deer are the most common North American deer species. These deer are hunted more often than other

North American species. Hunters use similar techniques to hunt whitetail and mule deer.

Male white-tailed and mule deer are called bucks. Females are called does. Only bucks grow antlers. The antlers fall off each winter.

White-tailed deer live within a large area of North America. This area is called their range. The white-tailed deer's range extends from southern Canada to the southern United States. White-tailed deer are most common in the eastern half of North America.

White-tailed deer can adapt to various habitats. These include forests, swamps, fields, and prairies. White-tailed deer also live near cities and smaller towns.

Mule deer live in western North America. Their range extends south from the western Canadian provinces and territories of Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to western Texas. It then extends west to the Pacific coast. Mule deer prefer habitats in hilly and mountainous areas. They also live in deserts and meadows.

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