6 Easy Pointers for Buying Single Beds for Loners

Beds are central furniture units to a bedroom. These furniture units make a big part of the decor of the room.
Single Beds are best for a loner to sleep upon, comfortably and contentedly.
These furniture units are available in the market in a variety of designer and stylish designs suiting the room decors of modern times. There are stylish patterned modern upholstered single beds, poster beds, beds with storage, hydraulic storage bed etc. 
With all these varieties of single beds available in the market, it can be a bit confusing to buy one that suits all your requirements.
In the following points, I have suggested a few guidelines which could be considered before buying a single bed that suits all your requirements.

Single Beds: A Buying Guide

1.Decide the Budget Beforehand
It would be helpful to fix the budget of the bed before making any other choice. The single beds are available in the market in a vast range of prices. Therefore, you can find a single bed that best suits your budget.
This would help you make better choices regarding all other aspects.

2. Choose A Durable Wood Material
Single beds are available in the market in a variety of wood material.
Engineered wood, such as plywood or MDF(Medium Density Fiber) wood is a popular choice in the market these days. But, unfortunately, it isn’t the best choice when it comes to durability.
Hardwoods such as Mango Wood and Sheesham are the best quality of woods to consider if you are planning to buy a bed that stands sturdily for many years.
Besides, the grain pattern of these woods, especially Sheesham, look great and help redefine the look of the bedroom decor.

3. A Finish that Suits the Decor
Wooden beds are available in the market in a number of finishes such as walnut, honey, mahogany, teak and natural finish.
It would be better to buy a bed coated in a shade that matches other furniture finish in the room or the theme of the decor.
The look grain pattern of the hardwood is enhanced by coating it with a finish.

4. Deciding the Comfort Level
Single beds come in a variety of comfortable options, such as the upholstered beds or the low platform beds.
While the upholstered beds have cushioned headboards which are upholstered with tufted fabric, to enhance the comfort level of the bed.
Platform beds are low in height and are easy to get on and off, for an individual of any age.

5. With or Without Storage
Single beds also come equipped with storage. There are two types of storage in beds of modern design—the drawer type and the hydraulic-storage type.
Both the types of single bed with storage are convenient to use and smooth to open and close.

6. Measure the Dimensions of the Bed
It would be helpful to measure the dimensions of the bed so that you know what size of a bed will fit your room. Standard single bed size is 39 inches by 75 inches—you can tweak around this size to fit your place.

Single beds are the best furniture units for a single person to sleep upon comfortably and conveniently.
These bed units are available in the market in a variety of good-looking designs and styles for the room decor of numerous sorts, such as the upholstered type, the low platform bed type, poster beds and many more. Besides, all these units are also available in a wide range of designs, wood finishes and styles. With all these numerous aspects related to the buying of a single bed, it can be a bit confusing to buy a single bed of your desire.
It would be better to fix your budget beforehand, select durable bed, select a finish that matches the decor, decide the bed according to your comfort level, assessing the dimensions of the bed, and choosing from amongst the storage or the non-storage types.