What kind of Life Is Strange Player are you?

How was your journey with feelings while playing Life Is Strange and can we figure out what kind of LiS person you are and what actions you did depending on these questions?

Wolf Rebel
Created By Wolf Rebel
On Mar 30, 2016

Did you comfort Victoria?

Did you water Lisa?

Did you tell about what happened in the girls bathroom for the principal?

How did you react when Max and Chloe first met on the parking lot, and drove to Chloe's house?

Did you let Chloe steal the money?

How did you feel about this pool scene?

Did you try to shoot Frank?

Did you kiss Chloe?

Did you answer Kate's call?

How do you feel about this picture?

Did you save Kate?

How did you feel about this part in the nightmare?

Did you take the blame for Chloe?

Who did you side with?

In what direction did you threw the bone to Pompidou?

What did you sacrifice?

It's All About dat Pricefield

It's All About dat Pricefield

Congratulations! You are the ultimate shipper of Pricefield!

Your literally just played the game for Chloe and Max's Relation and everything else wasn't in priority. Every choice you made were for Chloe's best and you literally didn't care about anything or anyone else. You could offer anything in the game for Chloe. You had a serious mental breakdown while Max met disabled Chloe, and the Pricefield shipping are stuck in your head months after finishing the game.
You let everyone die in the storm and didn't rewind anytime to save anyone, you HAD to get to Chloe as fast as you could.
You choosed to Sacrifice Arcadia Bay, duh! Bae over Bay

You rewinded over and over by the part were Chloe dare Max to kiss her, you let Kate die cause you didn't wanna hurt Chloe by answering Kate's call

The Love Person

The Love Person

Congratulations, you are the lovely person!

You were trying to make the best and fair choices everyone could get and everyone were in your priorities. You treated everyone the same way and didn't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. You don't know how many times you rewinded to just save a single life in the game, and every choice were hard to do without hurting anyone. You were the love spreader.

You ended up sacrificing Chloe, cause Chloe were only 1 person but Arcadia Bay were so many more lives.
You saved Kate. You watered Lisa, Kissed Warren and were as nice as you could to Victoria. You told Joyce how much David cared and told Frank what happened to Rachel.

The Boss Ass Bitch

The Boss Ass Bitch

You are the boss ass bitch!

The whole idea of your gameplay was to fuck everything up for everyone. You had no respect for anyone and you were as mean as you could be. You basically just ruled the whole fucking town.

You didn't water Lisa, sacrificed Arcadia Bay (actually you wanted Chloe in there too but there was no choice like that, but killing Arcadia Bay means kiling more people). You let Kate die, and you didn't tell the truth about Rachel to Frank and neither the truth about David to Joyce.

The Non-LiS person

The Non-LiS person

You are the Non-LiS Person!

You don't even really know why you played the game, your friend just recommended it and you got nothing better to do. You didn't feel with the characters at all and you just made every decision with a straight face. The game had shitty graphics and your rating is 2 out of 5. Yuck! Played once and never again!

You saved Kate (it just happened idk how), you sacrificed Chloe (one person before a whole town? Nah. She was so annoying and such a bad friend to Max anyway), and you kissed Warren. You didn't warn Victoria at the Vortex Club party.