Quiz: How much do you know about "Knight Rider"?

On April 4, 2016 it will be 30 years since "Knight Rider" series last aired on NBC and this has to be celebrated with a quiz. What do you remember about Michael Knight and K.I.T.T.'s adventures?

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K.I.T.T. stands for:

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The 1982 TV Series was created and produced by:

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Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. were working for:

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What was the name of the Knight Industries’ prototype car that turned into K.I.T.T.’s sworn enemy?

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Under which mode was K.I.T.T. changing shape?

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What was the name of the actress starring as Bonnie?

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Before Michael Knight becomes an agent for the Foundation of Law and Government he was working as:

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When not together, Michael Knight was communicating with K.I.T.T. via his:

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What car model was used as K.I.T.T. in the 80's TV series?

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The driver of “Goliath” that attacked and partly destroyed K.I.T.T. was:

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What function was the “C” button performing?

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In which episode K.I.T.T. is turned against Michael Knight?

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