What's Your Dancing Style?

Doesn't really matter how you dance, as long as you're having fun! Share your love for dancing on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

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On Mar 29, 2017

At a party you prefer...

Which of these best describes your style?

Which characteristic best describes you?

What type of music do you prefer?

At any given moment, you'd most likely be caught...

If you could have a drink right now, what would it be?

Which of these dance movies is your favorite?

Did you play sports in school?

Goofy But Confident!

Goofy But Confident!

You might not be the most coordinated creature on the planet, but that doesn't stop you from shaking your booty! Find other fun dancers like you on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

Sexual Icon!

Sexual Icon!

You might dance like you're the only one in the room, but we can guarantee that all eyes are on you when you dominate the floor. Find other people who love to dance on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji

Flash Mob Leader!

Flash Mob Leader!

You like to get everyone involved when it comes to dancing. We wouldn't be shocked if you have choreographed plans for every activity. Find other team players on Whisper: http://wis.pr/Nuji