Can We Guess Your Hair Personality?

Let's see how much we know about your natural hairstyle! Share what you love about your hair on Whisper:

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On Mar 29, 2017

Is your hair frizzy right now?

What climate appeals to you most?

Your thoughts on showers?

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

Would you ever dye your hair?

On a bad hair day, you usually resort to...

How would you describe your style?

Would you ever shave your head?

Unruly Lion's Mane

Unruly Lion's Mane

Your hair might have a mind of it's own, but there's something to be respected about that thick, wild-spirited mane. Your personality can't be tamed either, but that's just the way you like it! Share your hair care tips on Whisper:

Smooth & Silky Tresses

Smooth & Silky Tresses

You hair is impossibly sleek and always silky! People ask how you get the "perfect" look but it just comes natural to you. Your excited spirit shines impossibly bright, just like your hair. Share your hair obsessions on Whisper:

Short & Easy Locks

Short & Easy Locks

Not one to waste time with styling products or hair ties, your short hair is easy to manage, but always on point. Your personality is one to match- you're low maintenance and people are jealous of your go-with-the-flow attitude. Share your hair secrets on Whisper: