How Well Do You Really Know SHINee Videos?

SHINee World... it's time to see if all those hours spent watching videos pay off. See how well you really know SHINee MVs's- both Korean and Japanese videos are included.

What The Kpop
Created By What The Kpop
On Mar 29, 2017
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Kicking it old school with this one... look how young they were!

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At the end of this MV, Onew had an important question for all of us. Which MV was it?

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Don't you love their visuals in this video?

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Remember this adorable MV? It was a present for fans.

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Red-headed Taemin and long-haired Onew... which video was it?

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This video will take you straight back to the classic days of Kpop!

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Think back to SHINee's debut days and name this classic music video.

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Yet another classic song by SHINee- which video is this?

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All the fans were jealous of the girls that co-starred in this SHINee MV!

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This video doesn't even require any hints!

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This video had one of the most famous SHINee dance routines of all time.

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A perfect video for Halloween.... or just in case you're feeling a little macabre.

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All this stomping in the water is only part of what makes this video unforgettable!

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Do you remember which MV featured this amazing choreography?

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If you don't know this one, you've been living under a Kpop rock.

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