The World's Best TV Quiz of 2016!

Test your knowledge of the epic year in television that was 2016... 20 questions that will show whether you're an armchair mastermind or sofa snoozer

Created By WhatsonTV
On Mar 29, 2017
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Louisa’s wedding to Sven in ITV hit The Durrells didn’t happen because…

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Which former Corrie star played the MI6 boss in The Night Manager?

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Which star did Billy Connolly call a 'limelight grabber' in his Bafta TV Awards speech?

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Candice Brown won The Great British Bake Off with which showstopper?

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What was the name of Sam and Gemma Webster's daughter in The Missing?

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Which sport won the most medals for Team GB at the Rio Olympics?

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Peter Morgan created Netflix's Royal drama The Crown. Which Oscar-winning film did he previously write?

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Which Voice UK coach said: "You're not famous until my mother has heard of you, so stick with me."

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Who was trapped under the car with Gary Windass in Corrie's fireball stunt in October?

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Former Holby star Tina Hobley dislocated her elbow and broke her arm training for which event in Channel 4's The Jump?

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What were the ghost of Pat Evans' last words to Peggy Mitchell just before she died in EastEnders?

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Where were David and Kylie planning to emigrate before she was tragically murdered in Corrie?

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In Cold Feet, Adam's wife Angela was played by Karen David, who got her UK TV break in which series?

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How many British Soap Awards did Emmerdale's Danny Miller win in 2016?

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At the beginning of series two, Ross Poldark stood trial for what crime?

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Jenna Coleman wore blue contact lenses to play Victoria in ITV's historical drama. What is her natural eye colour?

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What did the TV audience peak at during Andy Murray's second Wimbledon final victory?

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Kevin Bishop played 'Fletch' in the rebooted sitcom Porridge. What relation is he to the original star, Norman Stanley Fletcher?

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Which country's entry won the Eurovision Song Contest Final in May?

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Gary Lineker honoured his pledge to present MOTD in his pants if Leicester City won the Premier League. What style were they?

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