This Week In YouTube #6

So much has happened over the last 7 days...

We The Unicorns
Created by We The Unicorns
On Mar 29, 2017
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Little Dot Studios and BBC3 announced they're making a documentary about vloggers. Who will be presenting it?

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And which one of these YouTubers has (so far) not been confirmed to appear in the documentary?

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YouTube announced their subscription service this week with several creators making exclusive content. Which one of these YouTubers is making a feature film for YouTube Red?

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Who didn't release a book this week?

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Finish the title of this FunForLouis video: "Selfie With X"

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Which one of these YouTubers is supporting the #IAmAWitness anti-bullying campaign?

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Which YouTuber performed at Zoella's book launch?

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Speaking of Zoella's book launch, which YouTuber wasn't at the event?

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What word is missing from this Smosh video title: "Worst X Candy Ever"

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Finally, Buffer festival takes place this weekend... But where?

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