How Well Do You Know The Life Of Jesus?

Jesus is probably the most influential figure who has ever lived. Over a 1/3 of the world's population are Christian and believe him to be God. How much do you know about the life of Jesus?

Westminster Youth Ministry
On Mar 5, 2016
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After being born in a stable, who were the first to come and see Jesus?

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To what country did the Holy Family flea from Herod?

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How old was Jesus when he became lost on the family's visit to Jerusalem?

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Jesus' public ministry began when he...

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What was Jesus' first miracle according to the gospel of John?

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For how many years did Jesus' public ministry last?

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How many did Jesus feed with seven loaves and several fish?

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Who is known as Jesus' favourite disciple?

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Where was it that Jesus first gave the keys of heaven to Peter?

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How many individual miracles do the gospels document Jesus doing?

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During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives these blessings

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The Sunday before his death, people welcomed him into Jerusalem as a prophet and king. What tree branches did they wave and lay on the road to welcome him with?

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During the last supper, what did Peter protest Jesus doing?

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Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus for how many pieces of silver?

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When Jesus is praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, what does God send to comfort him in his agony?

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The Stations of the Cross recount important moments in the final hours of Jesus' life. How many stations are there traditionally?

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Which of his disciples stays with Jesus at the cross and is made Mary's adopted son?

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Who is the first in scripture to meet the risen Jesus?

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To make up for denying Jesus three times, what does Jesus have Peter do?

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How many days after the resurrection did Jesus ascend into Heaven?

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