Can You Name These Catholic Mass Objects?

We see them every time we go to Mass, but do we even know what they're called, let alone why they're there?

Westminster Youth Ministry
On Jul 6, 2016
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This little candle often lit at shrines around the church.

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This metal object that is swung by a server and releases incense smoke.

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This scarf-like object worn over a priests or bishops shoulders, or just over the left shoulder if they'e a deacon.

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This small, square, white cloth placed on the altar.

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This food when it's eaten near the end of the Mass.

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This book containing the songs for the Mass.

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This container of water by the entrance of the church.

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This clothing worn by priests and bishops over their alb.

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This bell shook at important parts of the Mass.

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This religious symbol that hangs in a Catholic church.

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This item upon which the liturgy of the Eucharist is done.

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This white robe worn by bishops, priests and deacons.

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