The Manuel Lanzini trivia

We celebrate Manuel Lanzini turning 24 today, but how well do you actually know our Argentinian jewel?

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How many international caps does Lanzini have for Argentina?

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One of Lanzini's most famous goals for West Ham was the winner against Tottenham on 5 May 2017, halting their title challenge. But what minute of the game did Lanzini score in?

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Lanzini's average pass success rate was how much in the Premier League in 2020/21?

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Lanzini began his professional footballing career at which club?

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The Argentinian scored his first league goal for the Hammers on 29 August 2015, but who was the team he scored against?

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How many Premier League goals did Lanzini register in his 2015/16 season on loan for the Hammers?

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Against which London team did Lanzini score against in his 50th appearance for the Irons?

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Lanzini signed for West Ham on a season-long loan on 22 July 2015 before making it a permanent deal. From which club did we sign him from?

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Which of these three statements is NOT true about Lanzini's last-gasp wondergoal against Tottenham in October 2020?

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Lanzini's nickname in Spanish is 'La Joya' - but what does that translate to in English?

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