The Weizmann 2015 Challenge

Have you been following the top Weizmann stories this year? If so, this challenge is for you.

Weizmann Institute of Science
On Dec 23, 2015
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Which will your olfactory fingerprint not be able to do?

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According to a Weizmann Institute study, what do an old hinge and a cello have in common:

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Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto's team dated a skull found in Manot Cave in northern Israel to:

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A Weizmann Institute study revealed the group decision-making process for which creatures?

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An MRI database from autistic brains shows:

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Your gut microbiota might be telling you:

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Weizmann Institute researchers, together with a group at CalTech, were able to see new aspects of supernova that had not been seen before because:

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The “triple cancer treatment” was developed to:

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How do bacteria recognize their own DNA?

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Sperm navigate to the ova with:

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Weizmann Institute scientists plucked what out of a beam?

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A marine creature uses layers of crystals on its back to:

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