Plugin Day 2015 – Test Your Plugin IQ

Take this quiz to find out whether you’re a plugin newbie or an audio genius! Then head over to Plugin Day at – October 8, 2015.

Waves Audio
Created by Waves Audio
On Feb 17, 2021
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What plugin would you primarily use if you wanted to remove sibilance in a vocal recording?

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In sound synthesis, what does LFO stand for?

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Which frequencies does a Low Pass Filter get rid of first?

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Who was the first ever Waves Signature Series artist?

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Waves' Reel ADT plugin is modeled on Abbey Road’s pioneering process of Automatic Double Tracking. In what year was ADT technology originally created?

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What is the main difference between a limiter and a compressor?

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In Mastering, what does Dithering add to the finished product?

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Who is referred to as “The Father of MIDI”?

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If the ratio knob on a compressor is set at 1:1, what will happen to the signal level?

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The Q setting on an EQ controls how many frequencies around the center frequency will be affected when boosting or cutting.

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White noise is a mixture of only high frequencies at random instantaneous amplitudes.

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What is Normalization?

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What should you do when your computer starts to freeze and stutter from having too many plugins?

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