Are You Protected Against HIV?

Take this quiz to find out how well educated you are about HIV! Knowledge is the first step to truly be protected. Source:

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On Nov 4, 2015
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HIV is..

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Scientists believe that HIV came from a type of chimpanzee. True or False?

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A person can be infected with HIV without knowing it. True or False?

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If someone is taking medication for HIV, can they still pass it on to others?

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The only people that get HIV from anal sex are men that have sex with other men. True or False?

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Which of the following body fluids cannot transmit HIV?

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Is it possible to get HIV when a person gets a tattoo if the equipment is not properly cleaned?

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During the first three months after an infection, it is possible for a person to still test negative for HIV. True or false?

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HIV and AIDS are basically the same. True or false?

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You can get HIV from sharing a glass of water with someone who has HIV. True or false?

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