How Green are you?

Find out how eco-friendly and green you are! You're either super green, bright green, or light green. After you get your results, find out ways to improve your green-ness.

Created by Barb
On Dec 1, 2017

In your home, which is filled first?

Do you compost?

How much of the food in your fridge ends up getting thrown away?

How many of your appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) are energy efficient, or have an energy-saving setting?

How do you get to work/school?

How many plastic bags do you use per week?

How many of your bottles, cans, and containers do you recycle at home?

How much of the food you buy is locally sourced?

Super Green!

Super Green!

Congrats! You are super green.

You are a recycling rockstar and we salute you. For even more ways to amp up your green game, visit

Bright Green

Bright Green

Wow! You are bright green.

We appreciate your efforts and encourage you to learn about the recycling programs in your area. For more ways to improve your green game, visit

Light Green

Light Green

You are light green!

Even though you're busy, you can make a difference! Learn more about recycling and becoming green at