Where Have You Seen These '4 Weeks Of Christmas' Stars Before?

VisionTV is airing a ton of holiday films during its '4 Weeks of Christmas' event, including the ones mentioned below. Can you figure out where you have seen these famous faces before?

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On Dec 3, 2015
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In addition to "The Man Who Saved Christmas," Jason Alexander starred in which legendary sitcom about nothing?

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Prior to "Secret Santa," Jennie Garth got her big break as 'Kelly' in this iconic '90s teen program:

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Years after starring in "Road to Christmas," Clark Gregg took on the role of 'Agent Phil Coulson' in which TV series?

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"Recipe for a Perfect Christmas" actress Christine Baranski currently stars in which popular legal drama?

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"The National Tree" actor Andrew McCarthy starred as heartthrob Blane McDonnagh in which memorable '80s teen flick?

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"Crazy for Christmas" star Andrea Roth was a tour de force in which 'fiery' drama with Denis Leary?

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Veteran actor Ed Asner can be seen in "The Man Who Saved Christmas," but he was also a standout character in this classic comedy:

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James Earl Jones acted in "Santa and Pete," but also in this iconic baseball film where we learned that 'If you build it, they will come':

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John Corbett from "November Christmas" played the love interest of Sarah Jessica Parker in which romantically-charged program?

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Howard Hesseman is all decked out in "Crazy for Christmas," but he once played rag-tag radio DJ Dr. Johnny Fever in this hilarious sitcom:

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In this film, Patrick Swayze refused to let "Road to Christmas" star Jennifer Grey sit in the corner:

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In 1989, Sam Elliott of "November Christmas" used his knuckles and deep voice to make an impression in this film about a bouncer named 'Dalton':

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