Foxx or false?

Jamie Foxx’s latest high-octane thriller lands on Virgin Movies this week, but how much do you know about the Hollywood superstar? Separate the Foxx from the fiction with our true or false quiz and go to to find out more...

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On Sep 12, 2017
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Jamie Foxx is his real name.

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He’s the only African-American actor ever to receive Oscar nominations for acting in two movies in the same year.

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He once rescued a man from a burning car.

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His teacher used to let him tell jokes to the class as a reward for their good behaviour.

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Despite having played musicians on screen, he can’t read music.

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He had his eyes glued shut to play blind musician Ray Charles.

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He chose the first name Jamie because it could be a girl’s name.

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He’s the first performer to have both an Oscar for Best Actor and a number one single on the Billboard Chart.

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He auditioned for the role of sports star Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire.

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He sang all the tunes himself for his Oscar-winning performance in Ray.

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