Bean Or Not Bean: Which Of These Are Sean Bean Characters?

The series 1 Box Set of Sky1 thriller Legends is new on Virgin Media, so we've decided to test your Bean knowledge. Compiled from Sean’s most diverse roles (and accents) mixed with a liberal dose of made-up malarkey, we ask you to guess which are real and which are nonsense...

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On Mar 29, 2017
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A soldier in the Napoleonic Wars with a Sheffield accent.

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A gene-splicing scientist with an indecipherable accent and a two-foot tall manservant.

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A Northern Irish terrorist who ends up impaled on an anchor.

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An intergalactic hybrid between human and bee.

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A man cursed to take the form of a wolf by day, while his lover takes the form of a hawk by night.

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A king of ancient Ithaca complete with Sheffield brogue.

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Muscly Italian street fighter and inspiration for a renaissance master.

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Scheming jungle feline attempting to overthrow his regent brother.

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A mutated adolescent terrapin trained in the martial arts.

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A Russian spy with an English accent. Well, a Russian-tinged English accent.

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An oil painting with a posh English accent.

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A bumbling, mute simpleton who constantly gets into slapstick scrapes.

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A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s bowler hat.

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A transvestite looking for love called Tracie.

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