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Lorena Tavera
In 2008, Lorena Tavera was named Miss El Paso Texas. Just a few years later, this pageant beauty was arrested for shoplifting a $69.00 shirt. While the crime may have been stupid, most people quickly forget it thanks to a rather sexy mugshot taken when Tavera was being booked the El Paso jail. A quick look through her portfolio and we're pretty sure most guys would gladly give this University of Texas student the shirt off their back, free of charge.
Stephanie Beaudoin
Twenty-two year old Stephanie Beaudoin has been labeled the new 'sexiest criminal' on earth. the Canadian nursing student first came into headlines when she was arrested on 114 counts related to home invasion, theft and the illegal owning and storing of nine firearms. Before her luck ran out, this present day cat woman had struck forty-two homes. She gained further notorifty when pictures of her in a bikini were posted by a local paper. The combination of crime and sexy photos have caught the attention of many people all around the world. as one tweet so appropriately put it, Beaudoin "will steal your heart then your stuff!"
Angela Coates
What will you get when you mix a glamour model with a crime? apparently a pretty hot criminal looking at the mug shot it's hard to know that Angela Coates have been arrested for disorderly conduct. Instead, with her long hair, shaped-eyebrows and full lips, this Miami native looks like she's on a photoshoot, not about to be put behind bars. This former jet magazine 'beauty of the week' so captivated anyone who saw picture of her that offers for bail came flying in long after she'd been released from jail.
Claudia Ochoa Felix
Known as the Kim Kardashian of organized crime flaunting her AK forty-sevens, tight outfits and luxurious lifestyle to her social media followers. she's rumored to be the boss lady of "Los Antrax" , a gang full of hit man who work for the Sinaloa cartel. Los Anthrax is known to the US- intelligence as the world's most powerful drug trafficking organization.

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Jeremy Meeks
Starting us off is possibly the poster child for sexiest criminals everywhere, arrested in June 2014 Jeremy Meeks' mugshot turned heads and quickly went viral. arrested during a gang sweep in Stockton, California, police described Meeks as one of the most violent criminals in the area will spend the next two years behind bars. With his chiseled jaw captivating blue eyes most people quickly overlook this fact and simply know him as one of the sexiest criminal ever. There were even rumors that various modeling agencies were fighting it out to see who would be the ones to dress this dangerous don Juan for his court date.
Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer position of a little marijuana may not seem like a major crime to you, but it gives us an excuse to include this next person in our ranks of sexy criminals. Armand Hammer is a Hollywood star who had appeared in such films as The Social Network, J. Edgar and The lone ranger. In addition to appearing on the big screen, he's also appeared behind bars thanks to an arrest a few years ago. Hammer was picked up near the Mexican border while in possession of a small amount of marijuana. His mug shot looks like something out of a J Crew catalog which qualifies him for our sexy criminals status.
Meagan McCullough
In July 2010 this mother of four was arrested on a DUI in Tampa, Florida. Still drunk, tired and having spent most of the night crying over her arrest, Megan McCullough had no idea that three years later her mug-shot would attract so much attention- and marriage proposals. Now going by the name of Meagan Simmons, the famous picture was quickly turned into a meme as men everywhere became infatuated with her. Not put off by all the attention, the woman known as the attractive criminal has put these dark days behind her, even if her mug-shot continues to generate quite a bit of interest.
Sean Kory
In late 2014 the arrest of Californian Sean Korey had everyone labeling him a direct competition to Jeremy Meeks' status of sexiest criminal. Kory's arrest stems from a Halloween incident where he assaulted an individual at a party. After apparently shouting "I hate Fox News" he repeatedly struck a party goer with a tennis racket who is dressed up as a news reporter. Like Meeks, Kory posted other sexy mug shot but also seems destined to continue spending considerable time behind bars.
Lindsey Evans
Remember that attractive blonde and Robin Thicke's video for the popular song blurred lines a couple of years ago? it turns out she definitely qualifies as one sexy criminal. Now known as Elle Evans, the model actress and Playboy Playmate was arrested in 2008 just months after you finished as third runner-up in the Miss Teen USA pageant. After dinner out with friends, evans allegedly thought it was a good idea to dine and dash. Unfortunately, she left her purse behind which contained some marijuana. Stripped of her crown, this sexy criminal's run-in with the law ended up not hurting her career one bit.
Harry Pierpont
Even in the era of prohibition, there were sexy criminals as Harry Pierpont demonstrates. Pierpont is best known as being a friend an accomplice to the infamous John Dillinger. What makes Pierpont standout was a string of violent crimes through the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties which left a trail of murder and bank robberies across the United States. In 1934, his luck ran out and the former gangster was badly hurt and jail-break. Executed soon after, Pierpont is almost remembered as much for being an attractive gangster as he is for his string of crimes.

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