Eagles Championship Trivia

The Eagles haven't exactly had the best of luck since winning the 1960 championship. Here they are on the cusp again. See how much you know about the Eagles.

Vince Carey
Created by Vince Carey
On Feb 1, 2018
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The Eagles won the 1948 NFL Championship. Who scored the only touchdown in the game?

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What team did the Eagles beat to win the 1960 NFL Championship?

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Who scored the winning touchdown for the Eagles in the 1960 NFL Championship?

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Which Oakland Raider intercepted Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski 3 times?

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How many playoff games did the Eagles win while Buddy Ryan was head coach?

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Who scored the final touchdown in the Eagles Super Bowl XXXIX loss to New England?

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Who was the halftime performer during the last Eagles Super Bowl?

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How many times have the New England Patriots been to the Super Bowl since they beat the Eagles?

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What year did Merril Reece start calling Eagles games?

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Who is going to win this year's game?

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