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On Nov 17, 2019
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The Vidmate app and the need for it –  

Enjoyment and relaxation is a part of life. It has to be there and is very much needed as buffer as well as a deviation against the daily stress and rat race of life. Watching the favourite videos of any movie or song or a TV serial that was skipped last night or the Wimbledon exciting final, the speech of this year’s Nobel prize winner…. the list of things to watch over the video is endless.
The main aspect is that one should be able to watch according to their timing choice. This means, the video content should be readily stored on their feature rich mobile smart phones so that whenever ready, they can just select the video and play it. This favourite time can be while traveling from home to office in the morning for a soothing and cheerful morning song. It can be a peppy movie, when returning back home in the evening. No need for any high speed internet connection.
That’s where Vidmate comes in so handy.
Vidmate is a mobile app that makes it possible to download video and audio files to the mobile phone from the different internet video sites. This helps users to watch the videos or listen to their MP3’s without any internet connection. Many users actually face the problem of uninterrupted internet when travelling. This is a worldwide problem.
The office and home are the only 2 places that give constant high speed Wi-Fi internet. But then for the vast majority of the office going crowd in the world, they have to divide their time between the home and the place of work. Again nobody can use internet for their relaxation purposes at the offices. Some types of works simply don’t give any leverage to use internet like a person working in a mountain area or a manufacturing plant.
So the only option is to store their videos when there is good speed internet and view them in a relaxed manner.
 What re the great features of the Vidmate App?
It installs or downloads the video to the mobile phone and thereby the user can watch them in an offline mode whenever he or she is free. These videos can be a taken from any of the video sites. The YouTube of course is the most popular one but there are also other sites like HotStar, Vimeo, Zee 5, Video motion etc. There are total of about 20 or 22 sites from where it is possible for Vidmate app to download these videos.
The entire process is very simple. Just paste the URL of the video site in the app bar and then click on - download.  
The Vidmate allows the video files to be downloaded in different resolutions like 640 P, 720 P, 1080 P. The user can get it accordingly.
There is HD quality videos and a huge collection of songs and movies and virtually about everything.

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