Which "Batman The Dark Knight Rises" Character are you

Out of Batman, Alfred, Bane and Catwomen, who are you?

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On Mar 29, 2017

How long time do you spend studying/working every day?

Do people usually think your hot? Be honest.

Do you get good grades?

Are your parents alive?

What would you do if someone killed your parents(say they are alive)?

Someone was planning world domination, what would you do?

If you could eat one dish every day not thinking about the healthiness, what would you eat out of these options?

Would you eat a silkworm?

What are you most afraid of? (Out of these options)

Who would you like to be?

(Last question) How did you like this quiz? (Does not affect result)



A calm but cool and awesome character. Your smart and with a good technique but can easily give up if things don't go your way.



A honorable, calm, smart and respectful person. You care about others and probably have good grades. Wow your awesome.



A powerful, insane and angry character. You want everything your way and if not you throw a tantrum. You are strong and a little insane if i do say so myself

Cat women

Cat women

YOUR CAT-WOMEN, A SNEAKY, FLEXIBLE COOL CHARACTER! You want things you your way or you get mad a plan revenge. You look good and and most guys like you.

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