What Big Time Rush Song Are These Lyrics From?

Big Time Rush was a boy band that also had a TV show on Nickelodeon. This quiz is for you to try to guess which Big Time Rush song these lyrics belong to. Have fun!

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Wait a minute before you tell me anything, how was your day?
Cause I've been missing
You by my side, yeah

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Chances, you know there's nothing wrong with taking chances
We put it on the line
Oh someday, I know we're gonna be somebody's someday
Only gotta try

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At a temperature of 103:
Even sick as a dog,
You look cute to me.
Even at your worst,
You're still the best.

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Can't stop, won't stop, we party rock
You got them red velvet lips sweet like Betty Crock-ER
So call a doct-OR
Cause someone needs to take your temperature, you're getting hotter

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It's like one for the haters,
Two for all of those who try to shut us down.
They don't really know.
There ain't nothing they can do that can tear us apart.

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We're floating in the air
Look at the view from here
Show you what world you've never seen before

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We pull up, open the door
All the girls, scream there they are
It's packed from wall to wall
And, everybody is calling

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Do you want to
Cut to the front of the line?
Baby, do you need to
See your name in lights just like the Hollywood sign?

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All this talk about being in love
I could never get into the party
Never really understood what it was
Like what's the big deal anyway?

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I can't help myself, cause girl you're so fly
I knew from the minute that I looked in your eyes
That you could be the one, you're just my type
Can't let you get away, it's obvious
I'm into you

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