Which Valentine’s Day Meme Card Describes Your Friendships?

Galentine's Day is here! Which meme describes your friendships with your closest friends? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Feb 10, 2023
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Where did Galentine's Day come from? If you're a huge fan of Parks and Recreation, you already know the answer to this. The fictional and super loveable character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, created the holiday to celebrate the joy of female friendship! The world took this holiday and has created happy hours, discounts, merchandise, etc. out of it! Galentine's Day can be celebrated by anyone, no matter what you identify as. It's a great day to show your friends you love them!

Pick a way to present a Valentine's Day gift to your friends!

Pick something to watch with your friends:

Do you have your friends saved in your phone under nicknames?

Which photo shows many often you talk to your friends each week?

It's been a week and you realized you haven't heard from your best friend, how do you react?

Your friend is having a potluck, what are you bringing?

How do you cheer your friends up?

Which group of TV friends describes you and your friends?

Pick an ice cream you'd share with your friends:

Do you usually tell your best friends "Happy Valentine's Day" or "Happy Galentine's Day"?

Ride or Die

Ride or Die

You and your friends always have each other's backs and are usually down to resolve issues that come up. You guys have the research skills the FBI wishes they could have - you always give one another a heads up if someone new in someone's life seems fishy. Does this sound like you and your friends? Share your results!



You and your friends always send memes to each other! No matter how dated or how new they are you can expect your photo galleries to be filled with silly memes that speak volumes. You all value one-on-one time, but also value personal space and quiet time. You are a group of friends who actually stick to a bedtime routine. Does this sound like you and your buddies? Share your results with a good friend of yours.

"SHREK, I'm looking down!"

"SHREK, I'm looking down!"

What more can we say? Your friendship is defined simply with Shrek. You all appreciate and love each other just as you are and still find a way to encourage growth. You feel like you can be yourselves around each other. Share your results with a Shrek friend.

Do you celebrate Galentine's Day with your friends?

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