Which Disney Villain Era Are You In?

Mirror, mirror on the wall - I'm villain ready, I hear the call...

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Aug 29, 2023
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Did you know the first line ever spoken in a Disney film was from a villain?! Back in the 1937 film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves our ears are graced with the Evil Queen speaking to her mirror! Seems like Disney villains started by having the first word and are now fighting to have the last - which villain matches your villain era? Let's find out!

>> Which Modern Disney Princess Are You?

Pick one color for your entire wardrobe on a day when you're feeling your most confident

Which Disney character would be your arch-nemesis?

Which of these places would be your lair?

What is the first thing people see decorating the room when they enter your lair?

What type of creature would be your sidekick?

When trying to rally your allies to overcome their adversaries what kind of song do you sing?

Pick a Disney Princess you'd love to be friends with.

When do you think it's necessary to have alone time?

Finish this sentence: "Stick with me and..."

Finally, what happens to you when the clock strikes midnight?

You got Ursula!

You got Ursula!

Just because you're entering your villain era doesn't mean you've lost your wit and sense of humor! Now go claim that ocean and trident! Share your results with a friend.

You got Scar!

You got Scar!

This will be a cunning, ruthless, but very intelligent villain era for you! Let's get some meticulous planning going! Share your results with a friend who would be a hyena in your scheme.

You got Hades!

You got Hades!

That sarcasm you have? Yes, it will follow you to your villain era! You'll use that and your cynicism to rule not only over the dead, but the living as well. Just be sure to control your anger. Share your results with a Hercules fan!

You got Yzma!

You got Yzma!

Your villain era will have a malicious edge to it, but it will be a funny and silly one! Just watch your power-hunger meter. Please be nice to your chef and best friend. Share your results with your best friend!

Are you more into the Disney heroes or the Disney villains?

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