Which Charlie Puth Album Are You? 

Are you VoiceNotes or are you more of a Nine Track Mind? Let's take this fun and short quiz to find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Apr 27, 2023
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Did you know Charlie Puths' hit song "One Call Away" sold over 500,000 copies when it first dropped? It's one of the few songs that brought him out of the YouTube world some found him in and into the waiting ears of many soon-to-be new adoring fans! Since then Charlie has written dozens of songs, collaborated with several artists, and is always looking to do something new and creative. Which of his albums best describes your personality? Let's find out!

>> Guess the Song: Charlie Puth Edition <<

Would you consider yourself a dancer?

Which of the colors below best sums up your personality?

What time of day are you most productive?

Pick the way you like to communicate.

Pick a snack for yourself below to get you through the day.

How do you prefer to do karaoke?

You're late for an important meeting, but realize you forgot your phone after leaving the house already. You...

Do you enjoy sad songs or upbeat songs?

What is your mood early in the morning?

Pick your favorite photo of Charlie Puth.

You got CHARLIE!

You got CHARLIE!

You're confident, and bold, and know exactly who you are! You aren't afraid to try new things and recommend them to friends as well. You surround yourself with positivity and people who genuinely have your back. Does this sound like you? Compare your results with your bestie!

You got VoiceNotes!

You got VoiceNotes!

You've experienced a ton in this life so far and whether good or bad, you don't let it all change your good-hearted nature. You do your best to help those around you with the lessons you've learned. Go dance your heart out even if people are watching. Share your results with a Puth fan.

You got Nine Track Mind!

You got Nine Track Mind!

You're diligent and young-spirited! You know how to stay focused and never lose sight of the goals you set right in front of you! You also love a gooooood sad song or two. Share your results with a Puth fan!

Which Charlie album is your favorite?

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