Create Your Dream Pizza & We’ll Guess Your Celebrity Crush!

Let's start building - what do you like on your pizza?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Apr 26, 2023
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Who doesn't love pizza? It's great for lunch, dinner, and even leftovers (sometimes a midnight snack too)! Did you know for John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's anniversary Kelly Clarkson sent them a GIANT anniversary pizza? A way to anyone's heart! Kelly gets it! Though these celebrities aren't on the list, let's find out which celebrity is your celebrity crush after you build your dream pizza!

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What shape of pizza do you like most?

Choose your crust:

Choose a style for your pizza:

Before we continue: Do you prefer your pizza sweet or savory?

Choose your pizza sauce:

Pick a cheese for your pizza, besides mozzarella:

Pick veggies for your pizza:

Pick a meat for your pizza:

Want to add anything below to make your pizza special to you?

Lastly, pick a beverage to go with your pizza!

You got Pedro Pascal!

You got Pedro Pascal!

You guys will keep it casual with just the pizza straight out the box, a nice show, and a beer! Share your results with a Pedro Pascal fan!

You got Taylor Swift!

You got Taylor Swift!

All of the Swifties will be jealous! This will be a wholesome and lyric building pizza hangout! Share your results with a Taylor Swift fan.

You got Keke Palmer!

You got Keke Palmer!

Prepare yourself for valuable hangouts you can't find anywhere else and lots of laughs and wisdom! Share your results with a Keke Palmer fan.

You got Keiynan Lonsdale!

You got Keiynan Lonsdale!

You got no one other than Mr. Lonsdale! Not only will you eat and enjoy pizza, but you'll dance your heart out too! Share your results with a friend.

Is pizza overrated?

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